Skydiving, not only makes you feel the rush of freefall reaching speeds of up to 200kph, but also allows you to take in some breath-taking views of New Zealand along the way.


Only 86KM away from Christchurch, there is a unique safe skydiving club awarded by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, offering a 100% New Zealand traditional skydiving experience. The skydiving base is surrounded by beautiful scenery, on one side you can see the summit of Mount Cook, one the other side you can see the Pacific Ocean.



Only 5 - 10 minutes of instruction and you are ready for your tandem skydive.

1. How the tandem parachute system works.
2. Safety before boarding and whilst in the aircraft.
3. How you will be connected to your instructor.
4. What to do when the aircraft door opens.
5. Your body position for exiting the aircraft.
6. Your body position during your freefall experience.
7. Your body position for landing under the parachute.

Provide equipment: hat, goggles, jumpsuit and specially designed harness 


6000ft Skydive ....... Up to 15 secs of freefall ... $249
9000ft Skydive ....... Up to 30 secs of freefall ..... $299
13000ft Skydive ....... Up to 55 secs of freefall ..... $360

Photos ........ $150
DVD ....... $175
Photos & DVD ....... $199

T-Shirts ....... $35
Hoodies ....... $89
Caps ....... $50

Round-trip from Christchurch...... $20

Note: Anybody weighing 101 - 110kg will pay an extra $50

Tel: +64-221646558 (English)

Tel: +64-211073522  (Cantonese)

Tel: +64-2041775170 (Mandarin)

35 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand


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